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Initial credits
00:06    |    
Introduction by Christopher Lingle
01:21    |    
Impact of technology in history 
Technological advances  
Self-driving cars
3D Printing and the effects on China
Digital currency 
Block chain technology and human freedom 
09:48    |    
Perceptions of the technological future 
Dystopian future 
Political instability 
Choice control and technology 
Job polarisation 
Optimistic future
Ideas and scarcity 
Technology and productivity 
Freedom as the capacity for dignity 
Productivity and income
Meaningful jobs 
28:23    |    
Relationship between the use of robots and job losses
Optimistic projections in technology and employment 
29:55    |    
Sources of job losses 
Market value and economic growth 
Resistance to job losses and economic growth 
Displacing work and jobs 
Optimistic projections 
Industrialisation of goods and the search of uniqueness 
40:18    |    
Robot´s impact on productivity
41:16    |    
Labor productivity growth
"Sharing" economy
Example of Amazon 
Information costs 
Example of Uber 
49:29    |    
Technology and demography 
52:16    |    
Ray Kurzweil`s theory 
Technology, freedom and repression 
Income distribution
58:32    |    
Final credits




Accelerating Technological Change: Gauging Impacts on Humanity and Economies

22 de septiembre de 2015   | Vistas: 49 |  

Our lives are being transformed by technology in every way possible. In this video, Chistopher Lingle explain how the human progress has been accelerated by technological change throughout the years. He analyses the impact of the technological advances in the humanities and economics, and its positive and negative aspects. He also shares his perceptions in the technological future in our daily lives.




Christopher Lingle is visiting professor of economics at Universidad Francisco Marroquín. He was a research fellow at the Centre for…


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