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Initial credits
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How did you catch the passion for entrepreneurship?
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Towards what direction has this worry for entrepreneurship led you?
01:14    |    
Is having so many successful companies an unusual fact?
01:43    |    
Who is a successful entrepreneur?
02:23    |    
Can you learn how to be an entrepreneur?
02:45    |    
Can you explain the Acton MBA learning process?
03:34    |    
In a world that is sometimes uncertain about entrepreneurs, what is the real value of living a life of meaning?
04:14    |    
Is the entrepreneur you describe different from the fantastical entrepreneur?
05:07    |    
If students ask you if they should learn how to be an entrepreneur, what would you answer?
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Final words
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Final credits




Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship: Passion and Success

18 de febrero de 2011   | Vistas: 8 |   Acton Mba Entrepreneurship Innovation Leadership

Luis Figueroa has a conversation with Ed Perry regarding entrepreneurship. Perry explains how he has been able to build his life around this innovative virtue. He also explains how a person can actually achieve entrepreneurial goals in their lives by stressing on the importance of will, power and passion. He describes the methodology of the Acton MBA and portrays how this program specializes on teaching people how to find the true meaning in their lives and how to apply it to their daily actions as an entrepreneur would.

Ed Perry is master teacher at Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship, founder and CEO of thirteen successful companies of oil and…


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