• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
    Introduction by Fritz Thomas
  • 00:38    |    
    Can you tell us about your current research projects at Yahoo Research?
    • Direct mail advertising
    • Experiments on advertising
    • Effectiveness of Internet advertising results
    • Key economic experimentation
    • Observational studies
  • 05:47    |    
    What is the difference between surveys and experimentation? How do field surveys vary from field experimentation? In your experiments, do the subjects known they are being part of it?
    • Difference between a survey and an experiment
    • Difference between laboratory experiments and real-life experiments
    • Unconscious experiment participation
    • Large-scale participation experiments
  • 13:19    |    
    Why is an economist and not a marketing guy doing this job?
  • The identification problem
  • 15:47    |    
    Is your work on experimental economics directed more to commercial purposes than theoretical ones?
    • Scientific empirical information
    • Basic theory application
    • Advertising debate on the effectiveness of persuasion and information
  • 21:38    |    
    What is the difference between what you are doing at Yahoo Research and the type of research being done by other companies?
    • Yahoo's unique research strategy
    • Microsoft's research strategy
    • Google's research strategy
  • 24:22    |    
    What is the future of advertising?
  • Advertising as a useful resource for companies
  • 26:52    |    
    Is there room for privacy in online services?
    • Online privacy problems
    • Possible threats to individual information
    • Netflix data issues
    • Yahoo anonymizing services
  • 32:56    |    
    How do you observe the relationship between technology and personal freedom?
    • Liberty inhibition by the use of technology
    • Decentralized Internet services
  • 38:38    |    
    Final words
  • 38:44    |    
    Final credits

Advertising Effectiveness and Experimental Economics

New Media  | 14 de marzo de 2011  | Vistas: 63

Technological advances have enhanced the way companies advertise themselves in many senses. Fritz Thomas has a conversation with David Reiley regarding the real effectiveness advertising has on a company's performance, viewed through his experience at the Yahoo Research facility. They discuss how advertising has evolved and how research economists have had to deal with information to meet the real needs of people using the web. They also talk about the relationship between technology and personal freedom, focusing on the effects these types of modern advances have on the individual, his privacy, and the future of liberty in this whole equation.


David Reiley is pioneer in the use of field experiments in…


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