All Ceramic Selection: How to Choose What to Use

06 de agosto de 2009   | Vistas: 12 |  

In this video, oriented to dental students, Kenneth S. Kurtz describes the most common problems dentists encounter, from occlusion to wear, and clearly explains how to choose the best corrective method depending on the individual patient's case. He recommends that the technique used to solve the problem satisfies the needs of both the patient and the doctor. Kurtz describes treatment options that use ceramic and nonceramic based procedures. Many companies utilize so-called dental journals to sell their products by advertising them and persuading people to buy them. Kurtz warns professionals not to fall prey to deception. Before any procedure, specialists need to review the facts and the evidence that support the use of the procedure to ensure its effectiveness. Technology has evolved this science and in the future he predicts computers, not the human eye, will play a greater role in finding solutions to dental problems. Finally, Kurtz recommends students be committed to their work and behave professionally and ethically throughout their careers.


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