Altruism or Capitalism: Which Moral Code Should We Adopt?

07 de agosto de 2013   | Vistas: 9 |  

Yaron Brook talks about the current moral codes of society, the debate surrounding objectivism and capitalism and advocates to implement changes in society in order to end the dislike towards the notions of these philosophical and economic systems. He believes education, as well as a cultural shift, are keys to instruct people on what the true role of the self should be. Brook pleads in favor of individuals applying the ideas of Ayn Rand in order to live fulfilled and flourished lives, as he considers that her philosophy can only contribute to make people’s environment bigger and fuller in all aspects. He denies that objectivism, which considers government as a necessary good, could have any similarity to utopianism or anarcho-capitalism. To conclude, Brook advices students and young people to read and make decisions on well-informed basis and also to make the most of what Universidad Francisco Marroquín offers.


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