Andrea Maffei: Building the Dream

Sophy Ramírez  | 12 de octubre de 2018  | Vistas: 15

In this conference, the Italian architect, Andrea Maffei, shares some projects that he direct and made. He explains how they were made and gives details of the method of the construction and the importance of the facade. He expresses his passion for architecture and says:

I think architecture is the mean with the breaks, concrete, glass, and so on; that the architect use to give a message to everybody.”

Maffei shares the process of construction of these five projects:

  • Palahockey -Turin Winter Olympics
  • New Rail Station - Bolognia
  • Cap Grace - Monaco Principality development
  • MABIC - Maranello New Library
  • The Skyscraper

He specifies the characteristics of every building and their functions as a piece of construction, and how he managed to make these buildings flexible so they can be useful in different ways; as a cinema or a sports center even though it is a train station.

The architect remarks the importance of flexibility, design, good lighting, sound and acoustics that make a flexible building possible and to be useful for other types of events.

The important point that we wanted to develop, was to make an ice hockey stadium that could be used after the Olympics to make other functions especially to guest concerts, sports events; not only for ice hockey but also for volleyball, for boxing, for any kind of things.”

Maffei also talks about some contests where he participated and how his designs were developed.

Join us in watching this conference to be more passionate about architecture.


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