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Initial credits 
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00:20    |    
Background on infant feeding
01:04    |    
Investigation work by Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Camerer
Balance studies
04:05    |    
Origins of artificial formula
05:44    |    
Science of infant feeding
05:52    |    
The work of Justus Freiherr von Liebig
Origins of lactose-free milk
Liebig's composition measurement device
09:52    |    
Carl von Voit: Father of calorimetry
11:00    |    
Max Rubner's contributions to science
12:32    |    
Wilbur Olin Atwater's calorimeter
13:41    |    
Nils Rosén von Rosenstein: Father of pediatrics
14:21    |    
Artificial feeding
14:45    |    
Johann Otto Leonhard Heubner: Father of pediatric nutrition
15:30    |    
Leo Langstein
16:34    |    
American calorimetry contributors
Graham Lusk
John Howland
17:38    |    
Nitrogen balance
20:08    |    
Milk-protein quality history
21:10    |    
Feeding device
21:33    |    
Important contributors to improve milk quality
Clemens Peter Freiherr von Pirquet: Introduction of the concept "allergy"
Robert Cooke: Father of hydrolyzed protein formulas
Edith Jackson
Breastfeeding research
Franz Joseph Emil Fischer: Father of carbohydrate chemistry
Heinrich Finkelstein
Scientific approach to infant formula
Creation of a special formula
27:24    |    
Contemporary infant nutrition research
27:37    |    
Mission of the Children's Nutrition Research Center
28:40    |    
Final credits




Art and Science of Infant Feeding

23 de octubre de 2012   | Vistas: 3 |  

Buford L. Nichols lectures on the changes that infant feeding has experienced through the years, the history of artificial formula and its improvements. He mentions and credits scholars who were pioneers in the field of pediatrics and chemistry, and also comments on old methods and machinery that was used to treat malnutrition. He later discusses how these tools have progressed, giving way to evolving contributions in this area. Finally, he talks about the mission of the Children's Nutrition Research Center of ensuring the health of pregnant and lactating women and infants, through the definition of their nutrition requirements.




Buford L. Nichols, Jr. is professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine and director emeritus of the Children's Nutrition…


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