• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:28    |    
    Are the principles of capitalism and beauty compatible?
    • Plato's view: market culture is corrupted
    • My view: capitalism enriches our lives in ways other than monetary
  • 02:39    |    
    A comment on the Homo Economicus discussion
  • 04:30    |    
    The principle of markets and the principle of creativity have arisen hand in hand
    • Shakespeare
    • The Italian Renaissance
    • Division of labor is limited by the extent of the market
    • The attitudes of Beethoven and Mozart
    • The French impressionists and government subsidies
    • Free trade art
    • Latin American art
      • The two sectors
        • Court intellectuals
        • The commercial artistic sector
      • In which sector lies the true artistic vitality?
      • The Latin American boom
        • Music
        • Cinema
        • It's been a two-way exchange with the Unites States
  • 25:23    |    
    Cultural blending and interchange
    • The indigenous sectors of Latin economies
    • Television
    • Folk art
    • Fast food
  • 38:55    |    

Art in a Free Society

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