• 00:01    |    
    Opening credits
  • 00:19    |    
  • 02:00    |    
    Influence of Atlas Shrugged
    • Free Market movements
    • Impact on business community
  • 05:37    |    
    The negative stereotype of business
    • Greed
    • Constant attacks against businessmen
  • 09:50    |    
    Positive business view in Atlas Shrugged
    • Consequences of the absence of profits in society
    • Money and happiness
    • Meaning of selfishness
      • Response to the Enron crisis
      • Common ethic
    • Celebration of the profit motif
      • Business as the creation of value
      • Standard of morality
        • Difference between liars and egoists
        • The self destructive cycle of lies
    • New view about self interest and egoism
  • 29:44    |    
    The morality of Capitalism
    • Limitations of Adam Smith's theory
      • The dangers of public interest
      • Separation between Economics and State
    • Moral defense of Capitalism
      • Rational egoism
      • Human intelligence as the basis of survival
      • Business as a rational and intelligent activity
  • 41:36    |    
  • 43:58    |    
    • Is business the only activity that can provide self fulfillment?
    • What is your personal opinion about social responsibility? Do you think that companies need social responsibility policies?
      • Economic inefficiency of social responsibility
      • Doing business
      • Difference between sacrifice and trade
    • Why is selfishness the essence of morality?
    • The role of government: prevention of force
    • Can a religion be developed with Ayn Rand's principles?
  • 01:08:27    |    
    Final credits

Atlas Shrugged: Its Influence After Fifty Years

New Media  | 11 de octubre de 2007  | Vistas: 95

During its fifty years of existence, Atlas Shrugged has been an influential book in the business community and Free Market promoters.  Commonly, there is a negative stereotype about businessmen, because the profit motif is associated with greed, egoism, lies, and evil. The importance of this book is that it creates a positive and heroic view about businessmen. Business is a rational activity that creates value in society, the profit motif is an essential component for its success.  Rand's moral defense of Capitalism is the pursue of happiness; reason, self interest and rational egoism are the components of individual happiness and the basis of survival.


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