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Opening credits
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Introduction by Luis Figueroa
Practical and moral justification of capitalism
 Yaron Brook, presentation
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Ayn Rand: Radical for Capitalism
Capitalist universities
The path to a freer society
Importance of capitalist universities
Ayn Rand's importance
The power of her ideas
Capitalism's efficiency Capitalism as a creator of wealth
Systemic movement away from capitalism in America
The practical vs. moral People's need of being good
Convincing people that capitalism is moral
Traditional ethics as opposed to capitalism
Selfishness conceived as bad Trade as a self-interest action People obtaining benefit from tradeEntrepreneur's motivation The defense of capitalismTaxing the rich Taxes behavior in USA
Another paradigm about self-interest Stealing, lying and cheatingImmoral perception
Ayn Rand breaks the linkage
Motivation of commerce
Stealing and cheating as unconceivable actions
Why do we need morality?
We don't know good from wrong
Atlas Shrugged as an example of what constitutes living
Foundation for capitalism
Individual success and failures
Reason as the source of success
Force being used to stop progress Monopolizing force as the only role of the government
The defense of capitalism Capitalism as a moral systemCapitalist revolution as a moral issue The turning point to a free societyThe most important revolution: To be good
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Questions and answers period
What was Ayn Rand's vision about religion?
Comment about immigration today
How much did Ayn Rand believe in psychology?
Comment: Reason is the fundament of faith. There is no contradiction between them.
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Recognition to Yaron Brook by Giancarlo Ibárgüen
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Final credits




Ayn Rand: Radical for Capitalism

11 de octubre de 2007   | Vistas: 7786 |   Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand Capitalism Culture

Capitalism is usually conceived as an evil idea; the concept of self-interest is commonly considered wrong or inmoral. Contrary to this, Ayn Rand, in her book Atlas Shrugged, proposes that when we seek our own benefit we also benefit others, and therefore capitalism is a moral system.

Yaron Brook is President and Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute. He speaks at universities and corporations, promoting Ayn…


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