• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
  • 01:26    |    
    The battle of ideas
    • Liberty and morality of the market
    • Role of universities
    • Anecdote in the early 80's
  • 03:33    |    
    Resemblance between United States and Latin America
  • 04:35    |    
    Inequality idea
    • Equality paradox
    • Michelle Bachelet's speech in Chile
    • Inadequate discussions
  • 07:24    |    
    Environmentalism ideals
  • Political speech
  • 07:58    |    
    Failure in argumentation
    • Approach to defend ideas
    • Francisco Marroquín University case
    • Oppression to press
  • 09:15    |    
    Region problem: economic bifurcation
    • Unfree countries
    • Grief of institutions
  • 00:00    |    
    Question and answer period
    • Don't you think we should address the emotions instead the reasons?
    • Do you think the situation in the countries you mentioned is like a pendulum effect that goes and comes back? And, do you think this phenomena isn inevitable?
    • How is the situation in Chile about Augusto Pinochet's Political Constitution?
    • What do you think about the size of Government of Guatemala and its institutions?
    • Real battle of ideas in social mass media and relation between emotions and reason
    • Efforts in academia and social mass media
    • Evolution in time of social model in order to improve freedom
    • Disagreement in pendulum effect
    • Could you talk a little bit about corruption at public institutions? And, which of them do we have to strength and how can we do that?
    • What is your opinion regarding the situation of Peru?
    • Role of culture in economic activity
    • How can we be proactive about the causes of the idea people have about institutions and Government?
    • Ideas of Carlos, journalist at Venezuela
    • How do you go about changing for the long term? And, what causes this?
    • Importance and relationship between freedom and informal market in Latin America
    • Informal economy rate in Guatemala
    • Do you see any reversal in the United States? And, do you think United States goes to a Europe direction or somewhere else?
    • Could you talk about United States and the diplomatic relations with Cuba? And, how do you see the freedom situation in a long term?
    • Should we just trade with a military government although individuals can not?
    • Relationship between social mass media and journalism goals
    • How do you think the external ideas of other countries can influence the problems we have been talking about before?
    • Example of Germany
    • Case of China
  • 01:24:38    |    
    Closing statements
  • 01:24:59    |    
    Final credits

Battle of Ideas in Latin America

New Media  | 08 de mayo de 2015  | Vistas: 12

Mary Anastasia O'Grady begins the discussions giving an opinion about the actual status of the ideas of liberty and morality of the market in society, and the importance of academic life in universities as well as its role in creation of spaces in which students can debate about different topics and points of view. Besides, she comments the most important issues in the Latin American region and their effects in economy. At the end, O'Grady approach other topics such as the relation between emotion and reason in the political speech, social mass media and journalism, improve of freedom, situation in diplomatic relation between United States and Cuba, corruption in the region, and a point of view of Guatemala's Government size, institutions and political scene.


Mary Anastasia O'Grady is member of the editorial board and author…


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