• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
    • Blu Homes, an enterprise dedicated to pre-fabricated houses
    • Fabrication location
    • Four main principles for the production process
  • 02:13    |    
    Understanding the causes and effects of the design process
    • Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni
    • (1536-1541)
    • (1425-1430)
    • n , Aelssandro di mariano di Vanni Filipepi also known as Sandro Botticelli (1486)
    • Understanding the mechanics of the body for creating a new art
    • , Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1631)
  • 04:51    |    
    Start of Blu Homes Industry
  • 05:39    |    
    Going beyond site building and modulation
  • 06:33    |    
    Mobile homes and their limitations
  • 06:53    |    
    Panelized building system and its limitations
  • 07:11    |    
    Objective of the prefabricated design
  • 08:11    |    
    Precedents for folding houses
  • 09:06    |    
    The folding method
  • 11:07    |    
    Control of the design process, from beginning to end
  • 12:27    |    
    Centralization and control of the design and building process
    • , Peter Jackson (2002)
    • The unifying design and construction method
    • NELH Becher Neme, and his role in the design process
    • Control of the documentation process
  • 17:52    |    
    Instant House Project
    • Digital fabrication
    • Digital fabrication houses for New Orleans (2008)
    • Disadvantages of digital fabrication
    • Ludwig mies van der Rohe´s opinion
  • 21:58    |    
    When and what to digitally fabricate
    • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router and its uses
    • Uses of plasma cutter and water-jet
    • Structural members in digital fabrication
    • Reprogramming machines for new uses
  • 26:05    |    
    Designing the means of production
    • IKEA as an example of design control and distribution
    • Michelangelo's concern in form and shadow over function
    • Architectural design throughout the ages
    • Ron Herron (1964)
    • Comparing the Palais Garnier and the Saint Geneieve Library in design communication
    • , Charles Garnier (1861)
    • , Henri Labrouste (1842)
    • Sketches by Henri Labrouste
    • Structural steel and its complications in the construction method
    • Digital fabrication as a means for production in sub-assemblies
    • Control of the means of production and assembly
    • Different trades of work in the process of construction
  • 36:14    |    
    Documentation process
    • , Gustave Eiffel (1887)
    • , Robert Delaunay (1911)
    • Components of the Eiffel Tower
    • The LEGO system
    • The importance of production
  • 40:00    |    
    Questions, answers and commentaries segment
    • Is there a business potential in prefabricated houses for low-income housing? How do you try to explore new forms in your designs or are theren constricted by the prefabrication techniques?
    • Could you elaborate how did you convince your first client for building an affordable house?
    • Are your designs conform to structural standards and climate requirements?
    • Have you considered modifications for your construction model using concrete material?
    • In terms of housing, What is the development of customization for an entrepreneurial goal? In terms of housing, What is...?
  • 55:35    |    
    Final credits

Building Inside Out: Digital Mockup, Fabrication, and Assembly of Folding, Factory-Built Houses

New Media  | 30 de septiembre de 2013  | Vistas: 127

In 2008, Dennis Michaud cofounded BLU homes, a company that builds prefabricated, factory-made folding houses that are shipped to the site. Michaud’s philosophy is consistent with Nader Tehrani’s affirmation that, in order to build challenging architecture, an architect should have more extensive control over the design process.

In this conference, Michaud describes BLU homes’ revolutionary method of “folding-unfolding” houses. The efficiency of this design method is laden with advantages, including means of economic shipment, collaboration of different trades at the building site, opportunities to construct in new, previously inaccessible regions, and a strong stimulus for creative space usage. BLU homes’ system, he emphasizes, is in tune with four principles that allow architects to maintain control over the entire design, production and construction process, from beginning to end. This allows architects to undersee the entire construction exercise, rendering production more efficient for both architects and contractors, and significantly reducing costs for clients.


Dennis Michaud is cofounder, technology and intellectual property advisor of Blu…


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