• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 21.8    |    
    What we do at Acton
    • Objectives of this session
    • Goals
    • Transformation goals
    • Measurement
    • Critical aspects
      • Student self-selection
      • Clear contracts
        • Consequences of being late or missing a class
        • Reciprocal rules
          • Teacher payment system
          • Teacher dismissals
      • Feedback
      • Belief systems
      • Juan Carlos Cachanosky
        • Do you have several professors for specific courses?
        • Can students compare different courses like statistics and history?
    • Which is the most important component of the governance system?
      • Federico Alfaro
      • Clear contracts
      • Transformational goals
      • Ramón Parellada
      • What do you mean by the term belief system?
      • Juan Carlos Cachanosky
      • How do you not provide the answers about history?
      • The perfect Socratic discussion
      • Juan Carlos Cachanosky
      • How do you develop cash flow forecasts?
      • Fritz Thomas
      • Alignment of incentives in Socratic practice
      • Key elements of a good discussion
        • Concrete choice questions
        • Teacher's high standard of knowledge
        • Clear line
        • Class participation
        • Exams
        • Student evaluation
      • Juan Carlos Cachanosky
        • What is the difference between reading before class and the teacher explaining the same concept?
        • Students learning with guidance
      • Ramiro Alfaro
      • Why do professors not provide students with a definite answer in Socratic practice?
      • Rossana de Grazioso
      • Students' follow up and statistics
      • Federico Alfaro
        • How old are your students?
        • Do you have a rigorous student selection process?
        • How do you deal with negative and antagonistic leaders?
        • Personal experience with a quitting student
      • Juan Carlos Cachanosky
      • Case studies and theories
    • Which aspects of the Acton governance system would be easy to implement at UFM? Which ones would not work?
      • Carla de Hess
      • Clear contracts
      • Rossana de Grazioso
      • Who keeps the contract? What if only some teachers adopted the use of contracts?
      • Fritz Thomas
        • Do you have a direct link between students and teachers?
        • How do you overcome implementation difficulties in large organizations that have management staff?
      • Federico Alfaro
        • Are Acton teachers full-time?
        • Do they work for other institutions besides Acton?
      • Manuel Ayau García
      • What are the general educational and professional requirements of your graduate program in entrepreneurship?
      • Rossana de Grazioso
        • What questions do you include in the professor's evaluation?
        • Who reads the evaluations?
      • Fritz Thomas
        • Do students at Acton pay their own way?
        • What incentives do students have to complete the evaluations and be serious about them?
        • Tuition
  • 01:03:43    |    
    • What is a master teacher?
    • Problems with the American education system
    • Requirements of a master teacher
  • 01:06:09    |    
    Recognition to Jeff Sandefer as Visiting Professor of Universidad Francisco Marroquín
  • 01:08:46    |    
    Final credits

Can Free Market Governance Principles be Applied to a University Setting? (Part II)

New Media  | 21 de agosto de 2008  | Vistas: 421

Jeff Sandefer talks about free market governance principles applied to the Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship program. Student self-selection, clear contracts, incentives, and belief systems are some of the critical components that he points out. He emphasizes that both teachers and students must be committed to the learning process and develop discipline to continue in the program. Along with directors and professors from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, he analyzes the most important components of the system and which could be applied most readily at UFM. Sandefer ends the discussion by explaining what a master teacher is and the necessary requirements for becoming one.


Jeff Sandefer is a conceptualizer/promoter of reform in Texas state universities;…


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