Child Slavery in Haiti

New Media  | 03 de marzo de 2016  | Vistas: 858

Jean-Robert Cadet, author of the book Restavec: From Haitian Slave Child to Middle-Class American, explains in detail the situation of child slavery in Haiti and the meaning of the term “Restavec” which refers to a child slave.

It’s a child that stays with a family for the purpose of serving the family, for the purpose of doing all the domestic chores without pay from the family. In a sense, the family has the power of life and death of this child.”

Later he discusses the role that culture and tradition play in child servitude in Haiti, where a new form of slavery emerged in which children are taken from the poorest to become domestic slaves. Cadet also talks about the reactions of society against this situation that goes against human rights, explaining that for the past 15-20 years more activists have been getting involved, and particularly himself after publishing his book, started working on changing the mentality and culture through music.

Tradition and culture is so strong and they don’t know themselves how to get rid of this, so they support the work that I do, they see it as the cure.”

Then he shares some personal stories about his experience growing as a Restavec child, and his thoughts about the possibilities of change in Haiti. Finally, Jean-Robert gives some ideas on how to get involved in the movement.


Jean-Robert Cadet is an advocate for children enslaved in the Haitian…