Chris Bosse: New Technologies for Contemporary Structures

Estefanía Campos  | 03 de mayo de 2019  | Vistas: 143

Chris Bosse in interview with students of the Faculty of Architecture of UFM, shares some ideas on the vision of his work, his background and trajectory in organic architecture. 

The universal truths of nature and how all things go together, along with the new computational technologies, allows us to translate these ideas of nature more accurately into contemporary structures and cities, Bosse explains.

If you combine these ancient principles of nature with the latest technology, then you have the chance to create something that is up to date, contemporary and future open”.

Later Chris talks on his interest for nature, organic forms and spaces that continuously changes and flows, the differences on working on projects with different types of clients, where he emphasizes the importance of understanding the clients motivations. Also comments on the challenges, advantages and disadvantages encountered working for governments and private organizations. Then, on his architectural vision of LAVA the says:

Each of these offices is a think tank by itself but it's also part of the network to work globally on ideas, on projects, on technologies and knowledge. We call it the LAVA universe”.

Chris closes by sharing this biggest pursue as an architect, that is to accumulate knowledge and disseminate it around the globe.

Get inspired with the ideas and vision of one of the founders of LAVA architects, a firm that’s creating incredible structures around the world. Also, go watch his conference: Architecture & Technology Inspired by Nature.


German architect, co-founder and director of LAVA, the Laboratory for Visual…


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