• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:19    |    
    Explanation of the content of the course
  • 07:26    |    
    Social philosophy literature
  • 16:55    |    
    The structure of social philosophy
    • Logic as the study of the ideal method
    • Esthetics as the study of the ideal form
    • Ethics as the study of the ideal conduct
    • Politics as the study of the ideal social organization
    • Metaphysics as the study of the ultimate reality of all things
    • What is the definition of ideal?
    • Do you see any difference between politics, political science and political philosophy?
  • 35:19    |    
    The subjectivity of advantages and disadvantages
  • 38:40    |    
    Analysis of the ideal of methodological subjectivism and individualism
    • Methodological subjectivism and individualism
    • Objectiveness and knowledge
    • Are the doctrines of the church objectified?
    • What Ludwig von Mises said, every man acts to improve his condition, that is not objective knowledge?
    • The subjectivism of knowledge is the same idea that Ludwig von Mises had when he talked about the a posteriori and ex posteriori knowledge?
    • Individualistic thinking
      • The absence of purpose of the markets
      • Couldn't we say that the purpose of the markets is to satisfy the people's needs?
      • The imagination of our previously received sensations determines our opinions
    • The motor of capitalism is ignorance
  • 01:16:25    |    
    Defending ideas in social philosophy
  • 01:20:12    |    
    Was Ludwig von Mises being objective when he recognized the subjectivity of our decisions?
  • 01:24:03    |    
    Value-free judgments
  • 01:34:58    |    
    Why Ludwig von Mises was wrong when he said: economics is value-free and liberalism is value-full
  • 01:50:49    |    
    Final credits

Clashing Sides: The Concepts of Justice, Freedom, Ethics and Markets (Part 1)

New Media  | 09 de febrero de 2004  | Vistas: 2977


Ciclo de Conferencias Clashing Sides: The Concepts of Justice, Freedom, Ethics and Markets
Prof. Kurt Leube

Edificio Académico, D- 405, UFM
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, February 9, 2004

Una producción de New Media - UFM. Guatemala, 2004
Camera: Alexander Arauz; digital editing : Rebeca Zuñiga; index: Jorge Estrada; publication: Fernando De León