Communication: What Has Changed and How to Be Good at It

Estefanía Campos  | 15 de febrero de 2017  | Vistas: 311

Robert (Bob) Chitester talks about the latest changes in the communication of ideas, in which he mentions the fragmentation of the distributors as the fundamental change. He says the audience has also evolute because their interests are different and the sources of information they trust have changed. Chitester shares his ideas regarding what makes a good communicator and says:

I think is essential that, in addition to what the content is that you’re trying to communicate, you have to communicate to the viewer: «I know you’re there, I’m interested in reaching you and I like you» ”

Later he discusses Milton Friedman’s strength in terms of communication and the role of his wife, Rose in this ability. Chitester also mentions the mistakes a communicator should never commit:

I think the one thing that’s absolutely a killer, is: be yourself. If you're not yourself, that will ultimately show through; that you’re putting on an act.”

Finally he talks about his favorite media to communicate as a producer and as a consumer; explains if it is possible to determine the future of communication and gives some recommendations to learn more about the topic. Learn about strategic communication and the impact of good communication


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