00:01    |    
Initial credits
01:07    |    
Introduction by Douglas Spotted Eagle
03:28    |    
Native America
06:28    |    
Old traditional music
07:05    |    
A contemporary piece
The flute's scale
10:35    |    
An older flute style
Story of the flute
A love song
Illegal to play music
23:38    |    
Modern style Native American music
Fame and conflict
30:53    |    
What a sunrise sounds like
38:33    |    
The woman of good hands
40:24    |    
The Spanish conquest
43:35    |    
Red storm rising
49:01    |    
"Music gives life to the Universe"
53:19    |    
House of the beginning, house of the end
58:21    |    
Music was the first language
01:02:34    |    
Fire dance
01:07:56    |    
Playing with local musicians
Audience hums a note
01:22:44    |    
Marimba: El cóndor pasa
01:25:58    |    
01:31:52    |    
Thank you
01:32:50    |    
Final credits




Concierto en Guatemala

12 de marzo de 2002   | Vistas: 8478 |  

About this video

In this concert, Douglas Spotted Eagle shares with the audience his experiences throughout his musical career. He talks about his way of playing, his beginnings, the instruments he has performed and how they were made. Specifically, he speaks about his flute, which he considers is magic and powerful, and he also relates how flutes were measured and made in the old days. Besides, he comments on how Hollywood presents a savage image of Native Americans when the truth is that they were really intelligent. He argues that they invented the flute, the music, and the number 0, among other discoveries. Spotted Eagle plays some modern style Native American pieces of his own as well as a song recorded in 1892 by Thomas Alva Edison, which is an older flute style. He explains how the history of this instrument is full of love, feelings, and elements of nature; how men became friend of it and how they learned to perform it. Finally, he plays with local musicians a little of marimba.


Concierto en Guatemala
Douglas Spotted Eagle

Auditorio New Media
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, March 12th 2002

A New Media - UFM production. Guatemala, March 2004.
Cameras: Christian Van Der Henst, Marvin del Cid y José Cordón; digital editing: José Cordón; index: Lucia Bahr; publicación: Pedro David España.

Douglas Spotted Eagle is well-known for his performances of Native American music accompanied by jazz, new age, pop, and world…


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