Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values

17 de marzo de 2010   | Vistas: 90 |  

In this conference, Fredy Kofman discusses the importance of building a strong foundation for a conscious business by merging good leadership skills with cultivated ethical values.  He redefines the common model of a corporation where it is not only a money-driven machine that exists solely for its own benefit but it rather exists to build and preserve values.  He also recommends leaders in a conscious business to provide a good example through their own unobstructed ethical values.  Kofman comments that the power a leader has stems from assuming responsibility in his actions, and not becoming a victim of his circumstances.  He explains that society has created a culture where it is easier to blame an outside factor for failing, rather than accepting and learning from the own negative experiences.  This particular factor separates those individuals that are victims from the ones that become players and take ownership upon their actions.  The essence of a conscious business lies in having a deep sense of willingness alongside an ethical code.


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