Consumer Brands as a Cultural Phenomenon

30 de enero de 2012   | Vistas: 7 |  

Magatte Wade shares with students what she believes to be the power of entrepreneurship, being its key elements talent and the use of technology.

Primarily, Wade focuses in design and architecture, as she stresses the relevance of these topics, especially in the early stages of the creation of a product. She comments on the significance of the infusion of a country’s culture in every field, which allows a nation to be represented at a worldwide level by its goods. Sharing the challenges she experienced during the creation of her latest company of skin care products, Tiossano, she encourages students to dream, innovate, and set their ideas in motion, resulting in significant changes, not only in benefit of their lives, but also of those around them. Wade concludes by discussing different topics, such as the power of branding, which refers to the reason people choose a specific brand over what she calls a commodity.


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