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Dangers and Opportunities: Global Economy and the Asian Financial Crisis

12 de febrero de 1998   | Vistas: 569 |  

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In this conference, Dr. Mark Skousen challenges Paul Krugman's view of the Asian financial crisis published in the article "The Myth of Asia's Miracle." According to Skousen, sound economic policies adopted by many countries, including high saving rates, low taxes, and fiscal responsibility, were ignored. Dr. Skousen believes the Asian crisis should be attributed to monetary policies, the banking system, and interest rate loans. He goes on to analyze the possibility of economic recovery in Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. Finally, Dr. Skousen explains that the lessons to be learned from this crisis are that governments should adopt sound monetary policies, clean up banking regulations, and allow for company downsizing and bankruptcy.


Dangers and Opportunities: Global Economy and the Asian Financial Crisis
Dr. Mark Skousen

Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, February 12, 1998

A UFM production. Guatemala, 2008
Conversion: Jorge Samayoa; index and synopsis: Christiaan Ketelaar; content revisers: Daphne Ortiz, Rebeca Zuñiga, Jennifer Keller; publication: Mario Pivaral / Carlos Petz

Mark Skousen is an economist, who has taught economics and finance at several universities including Columbia Business School, Barnard College,…


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