Daniel Jean-Louis: Exploring the Question of Poverty and Wealth Creation in Haiti

Aletse López  | 23 de octubre de 2018  | Vistas: 94

Daniel Jean-Louis is a global speaker who was part of TEDxUFM 2017. He shares his thoughts in this interview about foreign aid in developing countries and the solutions he have found to get a nation out of poverty.

Market economy prevails now around the world, he says, and its most recognizable characteristic is the transactions people make to satisfy their needs. With this statement in mind, Jean-Louis studied 30 poor countries to find out what they did to get out of poverty.

We have struggling entrepreneurs and we are struggling against corruption in Haiti, and that fact doesn't help with wealth creation”.

The solution he found is that countries need to turn their assets and liabilities into marketable opportunities and with that, he created the concept Opportunity Based Economic Development (OBED) in his first book.

The more aid there is, the poor those countries are”.

Jean-Louis emphasizes in the difference between wealth and assets and why foreign investments enables wealth creation better than foreign aid. He compares Haiti and Dominican Republic as examples of aid versus investment.

This is what fuels my quests, to search, to share, to connect, to learn, unlearn, relearn, and expand my horizon and bring my message to my fellow countryman. This message brings hope because economic prosperity brings jobs and jobs brings happiness and well-being of citizens. This is why I do this, this is my everyday purpose, and I love it”.

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