00:01    |    
Initial credits
00:06    |    
Introducing words by Douglas Palladino
00:24    |    
Relationship between architecture and technology
Filipo Brunelleschi's ideas and influence
Optimization in design
Ornament in crime
06:05    |    
Revolution of architecture
Impact of architecture in society
Quote, The shape of green, Lance Hosey (2012) 
07:39    |    
Designing for place, performance and pleasure
A new way to make concrete 
Example of optimization
12:38    |    
Architecture then and now
Technology for architecture
16:34    |    
Food and drug administration Project
Master plans (1996-2012)
Material strategy 
Art of organization
Testing process
26:39    |    
Optimism in architecture
Smaller and smarter design
30:23    |    
Geometric analysis
Opportunity costs
Teams and projects
43:02    |    
Final words
46:21    |    
Question and comments section
Have you identified a tendency in entrepreneurial young architects instead working in a firm?
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Final credits




Designing for Place, Performance, and Pleasure

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Douglas Palladino shares, from his experience, the close relationship between technology, design and architecture and its impact to society. He explains that humanity's problems can be faced with optimization in design and structures, applying the advantages that technology has been giving us during the last decade. Palladino compares the way to design, build and creation of complex spaces of the last generation of architects to the current visualization; motivating students to take advantage of facilities that today's technology offers.

Douglas Palladino is Adjunct Professor of Architecture at the Catholic University of America. Previously, he was Principal at RTKL Associates…


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