Designing Meaning: Identity and Glamour as Sources of Value

Yasmin Valdez  | 05 de octubre de 2018  | Vistas: 40

The Substance of Style and The Power of Glamour are two of the books discussed in this conference by the author, Virginia Postrel. She focuses on explaining “meaning” on the design field and the right perspective when talking about glamour.

She argues about the occupation of designers and clarifies that problem-solving is not distinctive of the profession, as it can be applied to any other discipline. Then, from her point of view, she presents the three types of problems that a designer can solve.

One major component of work is solving problems, regardless of what you do”.

Postrel reveals where did her inspiration for the book, The Substance of Style, came from. Thereupon she analyzes the US hotel business and how individuals began to change standards in many disciplines, where industries had to adapt to the new requirements. Virginia arguments why aesthetics is valuable for and why certain ideas of sociologists, as well as economists, are not quite right.

The author comments on the elements that compose aesthetics and examines the idea of identity along with the two elements that allow it to be established. Then she highlights the importance of this, by explaining how context, audience, and culture are related. Postrel proceeds to discuss what glamour is and the way it becomes a form of nonverbal persuasion.

Glamour is more than fashion. It really depends on the audience, the context, time and place … glamour takes many different forms”.

Virginia explains the power of glamour and how is associated with emotions and desires, why it is similar to humor and the elements that are linked to it. Postrel finishes advising how to know when to use glamour, and the way to approach if you want to translate it into your creations.

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