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Initial credits
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Robert Neuwirth
00:06    |    
Comments on piracy
Music market in the United States
Piracy as a way for advertising
Argument on behalf of the respect for regulations
05:14    |    
Evolution of laws
Illegality of selling any product on the street
09:42    |    
Difference between the informal market and piracy per se
Price of original movies
Netflix example
Costs of producing the movie
Affordable versions of the original movie
13:14    |    
Law responsibility
14:33    |    
Informal market and tax evasion
16:26    |    
Legal informal economy
18:43    |    
Flexibility in the informal and formal markets
Workers unions in Europe
Switzerland's social protection for workers
24:38    |    
Summary of topics discussed
25:45    |    
Informal sector: a consequence of the formal sector's mistakes
26:13    |    
Informal extraordinary entrepreneurs
Scrap dealer example in Lagos, Nigeria
Banking situation for informal entrepreneurs
Movie dealer example in Guatemala
31:19    |    
Enrique Ghersi
31:37    |    
Successful stories of informal entrepreneurs in Peru
32:10    |    
Tha Añaños family
Big Cola or Kola Real
33:41    |    
Family businesses starting in the informal sector
Peruvian cuisine
37:56    |    
The streets: a new force of capitalism
Street dentists in Pakistan
Unfairness of the informal sector
The circle of knowledge
Intellectual property rights
Incentives for paying taxes
Computer business in Paraguay
An incubator economy
47:40    |    
Japanese industry
48:06    |    
Formal businesses subsistence through the informal sector
50:20    |    
Internet: one of the biggest informal market
Case of a graphic designer in Lima, Peru
52:41    |    
Subjective value in tax payment
53:37    |    
Technology as an instrument for pirating
55:35    |    
People's fear and their limitation to create things
57:33    |    
Evolution of the law
Importance of rules for leading people in a perfect society
01:01:48    |    
Change in morality and ethics
01:03:22    |    
Spontaneous order and free market
01:05:49    |    
Different aspects between criminal and civil law
Reasons for having rules
Reason for black markets
01:09:42    |    
Legalization of drugs
01:11:29    |    
Final words
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Final credits




Does the Informal Economy Have Economic Value?

25 de abril de 2013   | Vistas: 5 |  

During this luncheon meeting, Robert Neuwirth and Enrique Ghersi share their thoughts about informal economy in various countries. They talk about piracy, informal markets and taxation; and explain the lack of incentives for these merchants to get into the formal sector. As well, they share stories about extraordinary entrepreneurs who began their businesses in the informality and through time, they have grown up to be giant companies around the world. They also discuss the topic of regulations and the evolution of laws in order to live in a better society, withouth the intervention of the state.

Robert Neuwirth is an American journalist and author of the books Stealth of Nations: The Global Rise of the Informal…

Enrique Ghersi es abogado especializado en análisis económico del Derecho y en Derecho penal económico. Es director de Estudio Ghersi…


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