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    Can you tell me about your work on the n Economic Freedom of the World Reportfor 2007?
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    When we look at the report results, can we conclude that economic freedom is progressing in the world?
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    Do you think that economic freedom is progressing in Latin America?
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    Do you think there is a relationship between economic freedom and government policies?
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    Do you think the economic integration of Central America will increase economic freedom in the region?
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    Do you think that eliminating commercial barriers will lead to social stability?
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    What is your opinion about government intervention?
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    Do you think that government subsidies are effective?
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    What tax reform would deal more effectively with the current global economic problems?
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    Is there a market solution for the soaring prices of grains and fuel?
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    What are your expectations for the present United States election process? How can a possible renegotiation of the Free Trade Agreement affect the commercialn relationships with Central America?
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    Do you think an economic recession in the U. S. will have an impact in Latin America? How can this impact be mitigated?
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Economic Freedom of the World Index: Interview by Eduardo Smith (Prensa Libre)

New Media  | 02 de mayo de 2008  | Vistas: 2195

About this video

Dr. James D. Gwartney, director of the Stavros Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Economic Education at Florida State University, in an interview carried out by Eduardo Smith, from Prensa Libre, speaks about his work on the Economic Freedom of the World 2007 Annual Report and the progression of economic freedom in Latin America and other continents.  He explains the positive and negative factors that affect the economy of a nation and offers the necessary solutions for its growth and development.  He also emphasizes that to reach the economic prosperity it is indispensable to live in a free society.


Economic Freedom of the World Index
Interview with James D. Gwartney by Eduardo Smith (Prensa Libre)

James D. Gwartney

Business School Building EN-605
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, May 5th 2008

New Media - UFM production.  Guatemala, May 2008.
Camera: Manuel Alvarez; digital editing: Claudia de Obregón; index: Christiaan Ketelaar; content reviser: Daphne Ortiz; publication: Mario Pivaral / Carlos Petz


James D. Gwartney is professor of economics and director of the…


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