Economic Value Added (EVA): Principles and Framework

18 de octubre de 2011   | Vistas: 70 |   Accounting Model Capitalism Economic Value Added (eva) Free Cash Flow (fcf)

Joel M. Stern explains the elements of the management technique that has revolutionized the most important companies in the market, Economic Value Added (EVA). He explains the logic of incentives on different levels, and sets examples of how these allurements may result counterproductive. By implementing the EVA framework, he describes how he has managed to increase the value of the enterprises successfully advised on. One of the main topics in his lecture is the excess in confidence people have in accounting frameworks, and how, most of the time, this resource does not take into account costs that might affect the company in its quest for increasing value. Finally, Stern explains how the EVA program benefits every individual, enables collaboration and productiveness in a company, and he encourages his audience to search the creation of value.


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