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Initial credits
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01:19    |    
Case for the free society
02:29    |    
Entrepreneurial living
03:27    |    
History during the year 1836
Nathan Rothschild
06:37    |    
Life expectancy in the United States
07:21    |    
Life expectancy in Guatemala
11:36    |    
Different entrepreneurial anecdotes
Portable CD player technology
Reena Kapoor
Anil Singh-Molares
Chan Luu
13:27    |    
Nature of entrepreneurship
14:45    |    
Historical revolutions
16:27    |    
Enlightenment culture effects
17:00    |    
Ideological intellectuals
Common grounds
Liberal theoreticians
23:41    |    
Collision between opposite ideologies 
24:55    |    
Quotes The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, John Maynard Keynes
25:44    |    
Quotes  The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich A. Hayek
26:34    |    
Quotes Explaining Postmodernism, Stephen Hicks
27:08    |    
Value of economic freedom
World income and population for last 2,000 years
Valid economic arguments
30:52    |    
Morality of socialism
Benjamin R. Barber
32:45    |    
American conservatives
Quotes Slouching Towards Gomorrah, Robert H. Bork
Quotes Capitalism Today, Irving Kristol
George Gilder
38:07    |    
Radical Islamism
Quotes Milestones, Sayyid Qutb
41:37    |    
Intellectual heroes
42:30    |    
The case for a free society
44:03    |    
Scientific view of the market
45:08    |    
Free market
Value creation
46:56    |    
Politicized altruism
49:28    |    
Governmental role
Predatory strategies
Degenerated governmental scope
55:53    |    
Ethical decisions
57:22    |    
Multidisciplinary approach
58:45    |    
Quotes Individualism and the Economic Order, Friedrich A. Hayek
01:01:03    |    
Quotes James Buchanan
01:02:35    |    
Capitalism is sexy
Philosophical contributions of Ayn Rand
01:06:22    |    
Adolf Hitler
01:07:44    |    
Ayn Rand
01:08:54    |    
Francesco Clark
Business opportunity
01:12:57    |    
Question and answer period
Which of Immanuel Kant's ideas contributed to authoritarian regimes? 
Burden of freedom
01:19:20    |    
Final credits




Entrepreneurs and Philosophers: Why a Philosophy of Freedom Matters

03 de noviembre de 2011   | Vistas: 8 |   Austrian School Of Economics Ayn Rand Capitalism Central Planning

Stephen Hicks explains the importance of free market capitalism by elucidating on its benefits, such as an improved standard of living for human beings through the effects of increased productivity and wealth. He describes how sciences like politics and philosophy are needed to defend liberty, as liberalism has already proven its point in an economic sense. In order to understand its entire scope, Hicks also points out the positive and negative cases for freedom. He speaks, as well, about the main ideas and ideologies like socialism, communism, and fascism, amongst others, that have been constantly in opposition with freedom because they respond to a determined morality, in most cases, inclined towards authoritarianism. He continues with this exercise while describing the present predominant intellectual currents in many parts of the world that collide against free market capitalism. Finally, he compels liberal advocates to focus their energy in favor of the case for a free society, which has evidenced to be the outmost ethical and moral system in regards to the individual.

Stephen Hicks is professor of philosophy and executive director of the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship at Rockford College. He…


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