00:00    |    
Initial credits 
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00:52    |    
Why you should become an entrepreneur 
Quote, Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson (2011) 
Reasons to be an entrepreneur 
Sources of funding 
Venture capitalist investments 
Money is not the problem 
Chances of success 
How many deals end up being super stars? 
Examples of super stars 
Help is available 
Be ready to pivot 
13:00    |    
What investors are looking for? 
Persuasion and presentation 
Story telling 
A key take away 
16:35    |    
Teaching entrepreneurship 
A variety in needs and goals 
From curiosity to corporations 
The right prerequisites  
The biggest challenge 
Academics and practitioners 
Quote, Inside the Box: A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results, Drew Boyd and Jacob Goldenberg (2013) 
Innovation-driven enterprise 
Books you can consult 
30:27    |    
Ideas and innovation 
Take away something essential 
Combine functions 
Alter a part 
Rearrange the components 
Link something 
Ways to innovate 
Whole Foods and Ikea 
Performance or systems 
Customer engagement 
Ideation techniques 
45:10    |    
Business planing 
Quote, Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a successful Startup, Bill Aulet (2013) 
Quote, The Lean Startup, Eric Ries (2011) 
Learn by doing 
49:06    |    
Final credits 




Entrepreneurship: Some Lessons Learned

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Arthur L. Chait is one of the founders of EoPlex Inc. In 2004 he became the new Chairman of the Board. He is a professor at the Notre Dame de Namur University and was recently named as the new president of The Antigua Forum at Francisco Marroquin University. Mr. Chait has more than 10 years of experience as a business man. During his conference he talks about the way he teaches to his students the best way to become an entrepreneur and how they can achieve their goals. Developing new ideas and innovating in new areas are key elements to succeed in this new era of business.

Arthur L. Chait is president of Antigua Forum 2016; he is the founder and past chairman and CEO of EoPlex…


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