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    Initial credits
  • 00:07    |    
    Greetings and special thanks
  • 00:36    |    
    Video: The beginning of Magatte Wade's first and second company
  • 04:50    |    
    How does a culture becomes part of the picture?
  • 06:32    |    
    Power of branding
  • 07:30    |    
    American brands: Exporting culture
  • 08:28    |    
    Branding: A sofisticated notion
  • 09:19    |    
    Linear journey of how everything started
    • Learn to deal with situations as they come up
    • Create strategies to make it happen
    • From total freedom to a place completely different: Senegal to Germany
    • Looking for social justice
    • A rule of life
    • From Germany to France
    • France, a country too small for my ambitions
    • Looking for more challenges
    • Life in California
    • Entrepreneurship: Bringing thoughts and desires to life
    • Time to start a company of my own
    • No right to quit
    • Hibiscus drink and the identity of a culture
    • Angry and concerned for women who grow hibiscus
    • Nasty vicious circle of poverty
    • New ideas
    • Cool and respected brand
    • Do not work against human nature, work for it
    • Building a brand
    • People have to want to be with your brand
    • A world of consciousness and sofistication
    • Similar philosophy and values
    • The time has come
    • Look into humanity
    • Lead the new cultural edge
  • 45:54    |    
    Building Tiossano
  • 49:27    |    
    Mutant women
  • 51:10    |    
    Building a new tribe
  • 53:05    |    
    Rebalancing things
  • 53:55    |    
    Building a positive tribe
  • 54:25    |    
    Making a mainstream
  • 56:49    |    
    Creating new relationships
  • 57:35    |    
    Never underestimate the power of brands
  • 58:14    |    
    Look for respect
  • 58:42    |    
    Get into people's homes and hearts
  • 59:46    |    
    Question and answer period
    • What's the distribution channel of your brands and how are you going to embrace your new tribe? How will you compete with othersn brands?
      • Create networks
      • Build new realities
      • Make a difference
      • Think about the product and the customers
    • Where are you going to distribute your products?
    • Create contacts
    • How do you promote the sale of the beverage?
      • Go natural
      • Plug yourself to the network
    • If the product is made in the USA, doesn't that go against the idea of African culture?
      • The purpose of our profits
      • Sell the brand and then move the manufacturer
    • Is the manufacturing a facility or a plant?
    • Provide education with pride and access to other options
    • Can you explain more about the fact that you don't have to work against human nature?
    • When you work against people's nature you are in a way patronizing them
    • When you started this business, did you associate with people that had previous experience or did you hire people that had this knowledge?
      • Partnered with somebody who knew about the industry and had the same values
      • You need people that never have been in these things before
    • How did you convince people to start a partnership with you?
      • Sell the idea and give the best
      • Work with the people who have the closest relationship to your product
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    Final credits


New Media  | 19 de agosto de 2011  | Vistas: 42

In this video, Magatte Wade reveals several of the main characteristics of entrepreneurship, based on her own experiences. Following, in a chronological order, Wade describes how she started her companies by understanding the amazing power of branding, identifying people's needs and giving a special meaning to her products. She not only built a beverage company but also she created one that goes beyond beauty products, focused on changing women's lives. She believes that culture is an essential element in her philosophy, because it passes on significant values to the consumers. Finally, she stands out the importance of working with people who have knowledge on the industry in which one wants to develop, and also with those who do not know anything about it, as this will contribute to make it a big and successful project.



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