Expression through Architecture

13 de enero de 2014   | Vistas: 14 |  

Preston Scott Cohen is a celebrated designer and professor of the Harvard Graduate School of Design who has overseen building projects from the United States to Israel. In this dialogue, Cohen discusses on the geometrical concepts that evolve and translate the understanding of space from the user´s point of view. Furthermore, he empathizes the importance of the designer’s control in the development of a project from the dynamic formal process to the final construction. Pursuing beauty and movement in his designs, he proceeds to change the accepted status of a static assembly to a fluid one, gaining inspiration and insight from kinetic art, creating architectural gestures that go beyond the medium. In this exploration, he converts and modifies the spatial space to new forms of universal human language that the user can relate to and understand in a new, inspiring way. Finally, he breaks down the old paradigm surrounding the separation of interior and exterior space, transforming it into a fluid continuum. He assures that the work of the architect is not to contain space but only to give it the necessary outline to express it.


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