00:00    |    
Initial credits
00:06    |    
00:44    |    
David Reiley's early interest in economic experimentation
02:06    |    
Experiments in online auctions
03:21    |    
Northern Exposure field experiment
03:57    |    
Online search advertisements
Types of advertisements
05:40    |    
Advertisement performance based on the presence of other advertisements
06:35    |    
Performance of an advertisement in the northern position
Position and quantity preferences
09:08    |    
Definition of an externality
10:27    |    
Importance of data
Observational data
Experimental data
10:54    |    
Correlational and causality influences on observational data
12:57    |    
Random assignment in individual search queries experiment
14:10    |    
Experiment results
16:14    |    
Companies that perform research and experiments
Capital One example
Amazon.com example
17:11    |    
Economical mechanism designs
Cellphone spectrum services
18:18    |    
Are you applying the results you obtained in the experiment?
18:58    |    
Experiment based on the impact of advertisements shown to web users
20:17    |    
Importance of experimentation in companies
21:32    |    
Northern Exposure experiment repetition
Uncertainty interval levels
22:33    |    
Impact on South and East advertisements
Application of experimental results
Decline in clickthrough rate in South and East advertisements
24:46    |    
Benefits from northern advertisement increase
25:27    |    
Impact on organic search results
26:51    |    
Difference between organic results and advertisement results
28:48    |    
True representativity of the experiment results
29:39    |    
Do you know why people act in a certain way towards the position of the advertisement?
30:35    |    
Explanatory theories
Comparative search behavior theory
Displacement of organic listings theory
31:20    |    
Less useful search results for customers
32:25    |    
Measurements on different computer screen sizes
33:41    |    
Experiment conclusions
34:13    |    
Question and answer period
Do you think that the data obtained from these experiments make you a better competitor?
Do you think other companies may copy your experimental results?
Are you performing any current experiments?
37:53    |    
Final words
38:05    |    
Final credits




Field Experiments in Economics

16 de marzo de 2011   | Vistas: 20 |   Freedom Innovation Research

The experimental economics field has helped scientists understand and explain certain things that cannot be understood by traditional techniques. In this conference, David Reiley speaks about his experience in this area and explains how his work has gained importance in the advertising and marketing world.  Using one of his experiments as an example, Reiley explains the process and results obtained through it. He talks about the importance of data and the interpretation he gives to it as an economist.  Reiley elaborates on the importance of these types of experiments in companies which might, ultimately, lead to a more profitable business and a better understanding of the customers' needs and preferences.

David Reiley is pioneer in the use of field experiments in economics and social sciences. He is currently research scientist…


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