Founding and Funding New Ventures

Sophy Ramírez  | 10 de diciembre de 2019  | Vistas: 147

In this conference, Ted Zoller discusses with UFM students about making an impact in society, not being afraid to be entrepreneurs willing to make a change in the world and advised them on how they can accomplish their dreams. 

He begins talking about some of his job teaching entrepreneurs and shows his amazement for UFM to be a university that helps students explore their future and opportunities. Then, comments on the business models that young people can make now and mentions some problems society have that need to be resolved such as world hunger, corruption and climate change. 

Zoller mentions some of the US ideas of liberty, the importance of the french revolutionaries and their beliefs, like wanting people to follow their religious rights, being against the monarchy, and the how the desire of freedom led to independence for the individuals. 

Independence is a critical human right, but interdependence is what we all should straight for, and interdependence is just having the freedom and recognizing that there are consequences and you have a responsibility to do what’s right.”

Then, he describes interdependence as the realization of connecting to other people and that your actions lead to consequences. 

The entrepreneur asks the students how they see the future for Guatemala and in technology, and with the answers, he gives some examples of things that are developing to make our visions of the future possible. 

What you’re going to spend your time doing has nothing to do with your starting salary, has nothing to do with where you’re going to work next, most of you gonna go work for other people, but what’s your job, to learn what you need to do to solve the big problem.”

To conclude, Zoller encourages the students not to be afraid of being entrepreneurs, continue learning and studying and make a change in the world. 

Watch this video and inspire yourself to make a difference. 


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