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    Initial credits
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    Gary Hoover's address to honor graduates
  • 00:49    |    
    Entrepreneurship at UFM
  • 02:17    |    
    Five ways of learning
    • Study
    • Conversation
    • Observation
    • Travel
    • Experience
    • Thinking
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    Tips for life
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    Writing everything down
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Gary Hoover’s Speech during the Academic Distinctions Ceremony

New Media  | 07 de mayo de 2010  | Vistas: 6

About this video

Gary Hoover address a speech to honor graduates during the Academic Distinctions Ceremony.  He begins by congratulating UFM for its labor in entrepreneurship.  He also congratulates distinguished graduates for their professional achievements.  Hoover shares with them some tips to live a better life.  Stating that life is a process of constant learning, he describes five main ways each person should follow throughout their existence and encourages them to be consistent to this practice at all times.


Gary Hoover's Speech during the Academic Distinctions Ceremony
Gary Hoover

Juan Bautista Gutiérrez Auditorium
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, May 7, 2010

New Media - UFM production.  Guatemala, May 2010
Camera: Mario Estrada, Mynor de León, Jorge Samayoa; digital editing: Mynor de León; index and synopsis: Sergio Bustamante; content reviser: Sofía Díaz; publication: Carlos Petz/Daphne Ortiz


Gary Hoover is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Herb Kellerher Center for…