• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:21    |    
  • 02:40    |    
    Economic recession
  • 03:44    |    
    Economic discontinuity
  • 04:42    |    
    Quotes Warren Buffet
  • 05:20    |    
    Community Reinvestment Act
  • 06:21    |    
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • 07:47    |    
    "No skin in the game" loans
  • 08:09    |    
    NINJA loans
  • 09:27    |    
    Flaws in the system
  • 11:25.5    |    
    Credit default swap (CDS)
  • 12:02    |    
    The American Dream legislation
  • 13:44    |    
    Home equity loans
  • 15:05    |    
    Equity withdrawals
  • 16:51    |    
    Economic bubble
  • 18:35    |    
    Final words
  • 18:59    |    
    Final credits

Hayekian Economic Infrastructure as a Foundation for Sustained Prosperity

New Media  | 26 de febrero de 2010  | Vistas: 15

About this video

The United States real estate bubble has taken an enormous toll on different industries inside and outside the country.  In this conference, Jerry L. Jordan explains some of the causes of the current global economic crisis from a different perspective.  He describes how the mixture of government intervention and private banking irresponsibility brought about an economic disaster attributable to unintended failures and ambition.  According to Jordan, the current crisis is unlike previous ones and much work will be needed to prevent the economy from being drowned once again.



Hayekian Economic Infrastructure as a Foundation for Sustained Prosperity
Jerry L. Jordan

Academic Building, A-504
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, February 26, 2010

New Media - UFM production.  Guatemala, March 2010.
Camera: Mynor de León; digital editing: Mynor de Leon; index and synopsis: Sergio Bustamante; content revisers: Daphne Ortiz, Jennifer Keller; publication: Carlos Petz/Daphne Ortiz





Jerry L. Jordan is an economist, president of the Pacific Academy…


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