• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:20    |    
    Introduction by Eduardo Mayora
    • Welcome
    • Henry Manne
      • Achievements
      • Research and projects
      • Books and articles
  • 04:10    |    
    History of law and economics
  • 04:46.25    |    
    Modern legal education in America - 1870
    • Christopher Columbus Langdell, Harvard Law School
    • Case method of instruction
    • Predominance of case method
  • 08:26    |    
    American legal realists - 1920s
    • Analyzing the desirability or undesirability of any rule of law
    • Understanding the impact of law
    • Sociological approach to the study of law
  • 12:33.5    |    
    Economics taught at law schools - 1940s
    • Henry Simons, University of Chicago
    • Aaron Director's contribution
      • "The Economics of Free Speech"
      • Analysis of American antitrust cases
      • Economic analysis of law
    • Chicago School of Economics
      • Predominance of Keynesian macroeconomics
      • Importance of market economics for understanding law
      • Keynesian economics loses ground - mid 1960s
        • Mathematical economics
        • Empirical work
  • 26:53    |    
    Social, legal, and economic policy issues in the US
    • Growth of law and economics - 1960s
    • Armen Alchian, "Some Economics of Property Rights"
    • Allocation of property rights
    • Ronald H. Coase's contribution
      • Journal of Law and Economics
      • Ronald Coase, "The Problem of Social Cost"
        • Economic cost of a rule of law
        • Model used to analyze legal issues
        • How model was received
    • The Cost of Accidents: A Legal and Economic Analysis, Guido Calabresi
    • Differences in ideologies
  • 38:19    |    
    Emergence of the field of law and economics - 1970s
    • Economic Analysis of Law, Richard A. Posner
    • Law and Economics Center
    • Economics courses for federal judges
    • George Mason School of Law
  • 44:56    |    
    Current situation of law and economics
    • American Law and Economics Association
    • Competing groups in American law schools
    • Tension between modern law and economics
    • Mathematical and literary differences
  • 48:45    |    
    Final words
  • 50:45    |    
    Final credits

History of Law and Economics

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Henry Manne presents an historical account of how the field of law and economics developed. During the late ninteenth century, the scientific approach at Harvard School of Law was the prevailing view, but it was challenged during the 1920s by the American legal realists.  It was not until the 1940s that economic analysis was introduced to the study of law by Aaron Director at the University of Chicago.  In the 1960s, Armen Alchian, Ronald Coase, and Guido Calabresi also made significant contributions. Finally, the field of law and economics emerged during the 1970s when Richard A. Posner published his influential book, Economic Analysis of Law.



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