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    Initial credits
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    Presentation of Honorary Doctoral Degree in Social Sciences to Robert Higgs
  • 01:39    |    
    Robert Higgs's address
  • 02:14    |    
    Words of appreciation
  • 03:54    |    
    Words of encouragement to the graduates
  • 04:26    |    
    Importance of freedom in the development of society
  • 04:59    |    
    The need of individual change towards a world freedom
  • 06:02    |    
    Responsibility for the future of freedom
  • 06:19    |    
    Expression of gratitude towards Universidad Francisco Marroquín
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    Final credits

Honorary Doctoral Degree Awarded at May 2011 Commencement

New Media  | 07 de mayo de 2011  | Vistas: 26

Robert Higgs receives the Honorary Doctoral Degree in Social Sciences during the graduation ceremony of May 2011 at Universidad Francisco Marroquín.  He gives words of encouragement and awareness to the graduates, reminding them that they are the future of the world. He also explains that they must always take responsibility for their actions as individuals to improve the state of society and to create a better world.  Finally, he expresses his gratitude to this institution for the honor bestowed.


Robert Higgs is senior fellow in Political Economy for The Independent…


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