How Should We Analyze the Migrant Caravan in Terms of Policy?

Yasmin Valdez  | 30 de noviembre de 2018  | Vistas: 26

Gerald O'Driscoll shares his perspective on migrants and the caravans. He explains the meaning of a caravan and asks how this kind of movements should be analyzed by classical liberals, scientists and as human beings.

Also, that there are two perspectives to study these cases, first from the people of the caravan and second from a policy point of view.

There is a peculiar fact that except of the Native Americans we are all immigrants in the United states. My father was an immigrant I’m a first-generation American.”

Gerald shares the consequences of mass migrations of Irelands because of DIA circumstances in the past. Then he exposes that these movements of people didn’t do any positive change to the country and compares it with the results of changing policies in Ireland to have a free market.

Trump has said we need some of these people, I just want to have the system regularized so they enter in a legal way.”

To conclude he expresses his opinion on the causes of mass migration associated with an economic point of view and a social one.


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