• 00:14    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:19    |    
    • Personal life experience regarding leadership
    • Successful businesses
  • 04:51    |    
    Essentials for building a successful enterprise
    • Industry expertise
    • Building for the future
    • Importance of demographics
    • Visionary entrepreneurs and curiosity
    • Learning from others
    • Learning from history
    • Applying business models
    • Learning from geography
    • Understanding your context
  • 25:18    |    
    Vision of an enterprise
    • Clarity of vision
    • Consistency
    • Serving
    • Importance of customer satisfaction
    • Uniqueness
    • Passion
  • 42:34    |    
    Question and answer period
    • Is innovation in trouble for entrepreneurs nowadays?
    • What new trends do you see in the entrepreneurial field?
    • Where is the United States economy going towards nowadays?
    • Where is the balance whether focusing on your core business or diversifying on a new business?
    • When do you realize that your business is mature enough to evolve?
  • 01:10:36    |    
    Final words
  • 01:10:39    |    
    Final credits

How to Plan an Entrepreneurial Venture

New Media  | 06 de mayo de 2010  | Vistas: 8

About this video

In this conference, Gary Hoover shares key recommendations for building and sustaining a successful enterprise, in which, he focuses primarily on the importance of investigating and becoming an expert beforehand in any business that anyone wants to venture in.  The most profitable entrepreneurs are those who learn from history, in order to foresee what the future will entail through the analyses of cyclical or linear patterns present in every industry.  In addition, Hoover discusses the importance of the study of demographics and geography, and its utility in comparing it to other similar industries.  He strongly emphasizes on the value of learning from others, which enables new and fresh perspectives. Previous successful business models can be applied to new companies, but the only attribute that separates companies that are ascending to those that are weakening is the customer service satisfaction and attention to detail.  Hoover suggests that passion, alongside innovation is necessary to become a visionary entrepreneur.


How to Plan an Entrepreneurial Venture
Gary Hoover

Student Center, CE-200
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, May 6, 2010

New Media - UFM production.  Guatemala, May 2010
Camera: Jorge Samayoa, Joni Vasquez; digital editing: Adrián Méndez; index and synopsis: Ximena García; content reviser: Sofía Díaz; publication: Carlos Petz/Daphne Ortiz


Gary Hoover is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Herb Kellerher Center for…


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