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    Opening credits
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  • 03:26    |    
    Good economics is not always good politics
  • 08:11    |    
    The standard view of democracy
  • 11:25    |    
    Should democracy be extended to other aspects of our lives without condition?
  • 11:55    |    
    Public choice: studying politics in a realistic rather than romantic way
  • 13:33    |    
    The tools of economics applied to political analysis
  • 16:48    |    
    Economists are often criticized for making "absurd" assumptions
  • 18:56    |    
    Assumptions of economics that motivate public choice analysis
    • Every individual is rationally self-interested
      • The three parts of the rationality assumption
        • People act with goals in mind
        • People learn
        • People have preferences that are transitive
      • The rationality assumption is reasonable
    • Self-interest
      • My definition
      • An argument against the self-interest assumption
      • A response to that argument: natural selection
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In What Consist the Public Decisions Analysis?

New Media  | 11 de marzo de 2003  | Vistas: 5



¿En qué consiste el análisis de las decisiones públicas? (In What Consist the Public Decisions Analysis?)
Donald Boudreaux

Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, 6 de Agosto de 2001

Una producción de New Media - UFM. Guatemala, agosto de 2001
Cámara: José Cordón; edición digital: Sergio Miranda; índice: Joseph Cole; publication: Fernando De León


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Donald J. Boudreaux is the Chairman of the Department of Economics…