• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
    Introduction to Ayn Rand's philosophy regarding law and governance
  • 00:56    |    
    What is the purpose of law?
  • 02:12    |    
    Law as a tool for the protection of the liberty
  • 04:24    |    
    Ideal for the organization of society
  • 04:57    |    
    Ayn Rand's opinion of law and government working together
  • 06:03    |    
    Life of the individual as an end in itself
  • 07:09    |    
    What is the purpose of life?
  • 08:03    |    
    What is the primary tool for survival?
  • Reason, the means for survival
  • 09:47    |    
    What is the enemy of our minds?
  • Force, the enemy of reason
  • 12:55    |    
    Thriving as human beings
    • Extraction of force and coercion in human relationships
    • Division of labour in society
  • 15:14    |    
    Government as a monopoly of force
  • 16:16    |    
    What are individual rights?
  • 17:14    |    
    Rights as freedoms of action and the persecution of values for a flourishing life
  • 18:44    |    
    Main rights established in the U.S. Declaration of Independece
    • Life
    • Liberty
    • Pursuit of happiness
  • 20:33    |    
    Perverted meaning and form of rights
  • 22:52    |    
    Real purpose of the government
  • 23:50    |    
    Legal system to protect individuals
    • Anti-trust laws as a distortion of individual rights
    • State granted monopoly and private monopoly
    • Private monopoly as the violation of rights
    • Monopoly of John Davison Rockerfeller in the Standard Oil Company
    • Competition of General Electric with the Standard Oil Company
    • Are monopolies bad for society?
    • Limits to individual rights
  • 35:33    |    
    Property rights in the form of intellectual property rights and patents
  • Competition, a consequence of freedom
  • 38:52    |    
    Standard of law in the protection of indivudual rights
  • 40:07    |    
    Violation of rights in laws
    • Healthcare and the effects and violations of individual rights
    • Abortion laws and the individuality of women
    • What makes us individuals?
  • 51:43    |    
    Question and answer period
    • Is the government a delegation of force chosen by people?
    • Is government using the rule of law appropiately?
    • Is there not historical disonance in the slavery of African men as property rights?
    • How do you explain the concept of family? Are children individuals? Is society a big family? Do you have a contract with your children?
  • 01:00:05    |    
    Final credits

Individual Rights, Objectivism and Law

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Yaron Brook shares with students Ayn Rand´s perspective on law and the common government intervention towards this regard. According to Rand’s thinking, the real purpose of law is to protect liberty and the individual, hence rejecting the notion of these two, law and government, joined in the pursuit of a societal good. He discusses several aspects of rules, state, and society to convey the importance of the well-being of the individual, advocating the objectivism views on what is considered to be the fundamental right, as is the right to life, from which derive the right to liberty and to property, as well. Other topics arise, such as intellectual property, monopolies, force and reason, all which are explained and aligned to the objectivism movement.


Yaron Brook is President and Executive Director of the Ayn Rand…