Innovation Session

09 de noviembre de 2011   | Vistas: 14 |   Business Capitalism Creativity Entrepreneurship

Enormous business opportunities are just a click away from your portfolio. Hitendra Patel explains the way to start a venture by using the entire physical and virtual infrastructure available everywhere. He talks about the benefits of the flourishing connectivity, which has embodied a great deal of favorable circumstances with all the technological advances presently; and tells how each entrepreneur must take advantage of these resources to increase their odds, in any market around the world. Patel sets examples of companies that have revolutionized the niche markets and is able to portray his idea of an efficient and productive business structure. He also talks about the importance of trends and the need for businesses, nowadays, to be available for their customers at all time. Taking into account different elements, he makes an analysis of the main issues entrepreneurs must think of when starting a journey through this fulfilling vocation.


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