Innovations From Artificial Light To Computer Chips

Yasmin Valdez  | 06 de marzo de 2020  | Vistas: 65

The world has evolved with the introduction of new technologies and innovations. During this conference, Arthur Chait shares the different ways innovation can happen and how the discovery of fire was the root of all the electronic devices we have today.

Arthur reveals that innovation does not necessarily need new technology to flourish. He uses Uber as an example, emphasizing that it isn't a new technology. It is an app that gives a convenient option to move from one place to another and is a new source of work.

If you find a way to improve an existing product, you come up with an innovation, so your company is likely to be purchased."

Later, Chait exposes the types of approaches that innovation has:

Product Innovation: Makes the products smaller, faster, or adding better features.

Process Innovations: Made in patents, automation, supply chain improvements, delivery systems, etc.

Business Model Innovation: Sustaining innovation that improves an existing process or product.

Efficiency Innovation: One of the first disruptive innovations that target overserved customers.

New Market or Empowering Innovation: Makes customers do new things or do them in new ways.  

Today electric light is cheap, reliable and common".

Arthur Chait presents how all of the technology we have today exist because of the discovery of fire and exponential technology, elements that made possible the invention of the electric light and changed civilization drastically. To conclude, Chait breaks down the evolution from the light bulbs to the most modern CPUs and the impact that it had on society.


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