Institutions, Human Action, and Public Policy (Part I)

06 de junio de 2011   | Vistas: 32 |   Capitalism Change Economic Crisis Ethics

Despite the constant struggle of liberal ideas for becoming a mainstream philosophy, other tendencies seem to displace them from reaching this goal. Evolving elements prevent them from appealing governments and people, as well. In this conference, Peter Boettke explains the development of this historic process through the optic of the Austrian School of Economics. He describes a few actions and biases by which liberals have guided their own beliefs. He explains some of the necessary steps that must be taken to guide this view and contribute to the edification of science, not just mere opinion. Boettke, also explains the relationship between politics and economics, defining the true role of economists in these two different processes. Finally, he recommends literature regarding the topics of his lecture and points out his views on social change in modern world.

Here you can see the video Institutions, Human Action, and Public Policy (Part II).


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