• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:20    |    
  • Craig A. Deare's biography
  • 03:20    |    
    Military officers shaping foreign policy
  • 04:33.85000000000002    |    
    Is the United States no longer the dominant influence in Latin America?
  • 07:24.5    |    
    Shared values among Western countries
  • 09:27    |    
    How has the Mexican military evolved since 2000?
  • 13:5.5    |    
    Do Mexicans support the president's political decisions?
  • 13:47    |    
    Can a stalemate between government and organized crime occur in Mexico?
  • 15:53    |    
    What should the role of the armed forces be in civilian issues?
  • 18:13    |    
    Using the military for law enforcement in Guatemala
  • 20:40.5    |    
    How can Guatemala solve pressing national issues when the U.S. Congress continues imposing restrictions?
  • 24:12.799999999999954    |    
    What message are U.S. congressional leaders sending to Latin America by opposing the free trade agreement with Colombia?
  • 27:10.5    |    
    Colombia as an ally of the United States
  • 28:20.5    |    
    What will be the role of the reestablished United States Fourth Fleet?
  • 30:06    |    
    Misinterpreting the Fourth Fleet's role
  • 33:04    |    
    Why is U.S. military intervention criticized worldwide?
  • 35:8.5    |    
    Topics to be discussed in next segment
  • 36:12.449999999999818    |    
    What was the genesis of the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (CHDS)?
  • 37:57.09999999999991    |    
    How do you engage civilians in national security policies?
  • 38:47    |    
    Is an integrated Central American peacekeeping battalion a positive development?
  • 41:4.5    |    
    Is there military support for integration?
  • 42:1.75    |    
    What is the role of the Mexican military in international operations?
  • 46:5.5    |    
    Is the Mexican military apolitical?
  • 46:35.5    |    
    Final words
  • 47:46    |    
    Final credits

Interview with Craig A. Deare by Carlisle Johnson

New Media  | 04 de junio de 2008  | Vistas: 1608

In this interview with Carlisle Johnson, Dr. Craig Deare, professor of national security affairs at the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (CHDS), talks about the surge of new political and economic powers throughout the world, the role of the armed forces in a democratic country, the evolution and future of the Mexican military, and the negative intervention of the United States Congress in national security policies.  He also discusses the reestablishment of the United States Fourth Fleet and the important benefits that it will bring to Central and South America.





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