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    Initial credits
  • 00:21    |    
    In your own words, who is John Stossel?
  • 01:38    |    
    How did you become a journalist?
  • 03:25    |    
    What was your academic major and was it useful in your career?
  • 03:50    |    
    How did you become a libertarian?
  • 05:39    |    
    Is there a difference between the real world and what you learned in the university?
  • 06:45    |    
    What was the genesis of n Give Me a Break?
  • 08:20.5    |    
    Why didn't n Give Me a Breakbecome successful?
  • 08:32.8    |    
    Is it easier to be a social democrat than a libertarian in the United States?
  • 09:38.8    |    
    How does it feel to be a minority in the media?
  • 10:25.8    |    
    Are more people with libertarian views going into the news media?
  • 11:31    |    
    Why is there a media bias?
  • 13:16    |    
    What is the success you remember the most?
  • 15:00    |    
    Do mainstream journalists think you are against them? What risks have you taken?
  • 16:24    |    
    Why does the media scare people?
  • 17:33    |    
    Are people intellectually lazy?
  • 18:14.5    |    
    What is the most important current event?
  • 19:24    |    
    Does the media have enough influence to make things happen?
  • 20:36    |    
    What should the role of the media be? How can you know what is the truth?
  • 22:09    |    
    What are the myths, lies and downright stupidity in global warming?
  • 23:20    |    
    What was the public reaction to n Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity?
  • 25:06.5    |    
    Do you think your ideas have had an impact?
  • 26:22.5    |    
    Do you think being in the media is a good way of promoting these ideas?
  • 27:33    |    
    Why do people take freedom for granted?
  • We have economic choices other societies don't have
  • 29:43.5    |    
    How do you feel in Guatemala and what do you think about this country?
  • 31:21    |    
    What is the future of the media after the development of the Internet?
  • 32:32    |    
    Who is Ron Paul?
  • 33:01    |    
    Final credits

Interview with John Stossel by Marta Yolanda Díaz-Durán and Jorge Jacobs

New Media  | 15 de enero de 2008  | Vistas: 1916

John Stossel recently visited UFM to receive an honorary doctorate degree. He graduated from college with a major in psychology and began his journalism career with clear social democrat and consumer advocate ideals. After acquiring some experience about the real world he became a libertarian, denounced the disadvantages and threats of government intervention, and began to have problems with the mainstream media. He is well known for spreading libertarian ideas about economic freedom and prosperity and has become increasingly influential on young journalists. His latest book is Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity.





John Stossel is a consumer reporter, investigative journalist, and former coanchor…

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