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    Initial credits
  • 00:21    |    
    Presentation of Michael K. Deaver
  • 01:12    |    
    Is this the first time you've been in Guatemala?
  • 01:33    |    
    What is your impression of Guatemala?
  • 02:15    |    
    How did you get involved with Reagan's team?
  • 04:00    |    
    Why do you think people yearn for the Reagan years?
  • 06:20    |    
    Foreword to Deaver's book by Nancy Reagan
  • 08:15    |    
    Has the Republican Party lost its way?
  • 10:05    |    
    Is there any spending discipline in the US Government?
  • 11:53    |    
    Is there going to be a surprise in the November election?
  • 12:57    |    
    Do you share the opinion that Ronald Reagan broke the Soviet Empire?
  • 15:54    |    
    What is your option about the phrase "The Evil Empire"?
  • 18:19    |    
    What do you think about Reagan "trickle down economics"?
  • 19:52    |    
    Why did the arms for hostages deal in the "Iran Contra" become so controversial?
  • 22:23    |    
    How do you think Reagan would have handled the current Iraq Conflict?
  • 23:44    |    
    Is Bush's quest for democracy a quixotic dream?
  • 25:45    |    
    Do you think that an alliance with France and Germany would solve the Iraq conflict?
  • 27:15    |    
    How was the Reagan administration´s relationship with Europe?
  • 30:36    |    
    What was the message of the Air Traffic Controller Strike?
  • 33:28    |    
    How did Ronald Reagan get along with Congress?
  • 36:54    |    
    Do you share John Hamilton's assessment that everything in politics has become more partisan?
  • 38:05    |    
    Do you think that we would get back to the good times?
  • 39:34.5    |    
    Do you think that governors by nature make better presidents? If so, why?
  • 40:57    |    
    Is the East Coast relevant anymore? Isn't the US basically the West and the South?
  • 42:20    |    
    Do you think that Hillary Clinton is going to be the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party?
  • 44:09    |    
    How big is the migration issue? Do you think something should be done?
  • 45:40    |    
    What language is used in a meeting with the president? Could one disagree with Reagan?
  • 48:18    |    
    Did Reagan ever get upset?
  • 49:30.5    |    
    How important was Nancy Reagan to Reagan?
  • 53:50    |    
    What was Reagan's greatest achievement?
  • 56:06    |    
    Did Reagan hear a different drummer? Was Reagan listening to his own tune?
  • 57:07    |    
    What are you doing these days to keep occupied?
  • 58:02    |    
    Words of acknowledgement
  • 58:20.5    |    
    Final words: Nancy Reagan's phrase "Just say No"
  • 58:58    |    
    Final credits

Interview with Michael K. Deaver

New Media  | 04 de mayo de 2006  | Vistas: 3339

About this video

Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, was considered to be one of the most famous in history for his economic initiatives and the bringing down of the Soviet Empire. In this interview hosted by Carlisle Johnson, Michael K. Deaver talks about the Reagan administration and tells some personal anecdotes of this historical man. He shares how he got involved in this team and also comments on the reasons why people yearn for those years when Reagan was in power. As well, he analyzes the direction that the Republican Party has taken and comments on some current political changes in the United States. Furthermore, Deaver comments on the influence that Nancy Reagan had upon her husband’s life and comments on her phrase: “Just say no.”


Interview with Michael K. Deaver
Michael K. Deaver, Carlisle Johnson

Special Collections Room
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, May 4, 2006

A New Media - UFM production. Guatemala, April 2006
Camera 1: Rebeca Zuñiga; camera 2: Sergio Miranda; digital editing: Sergio Miranda; index: Christiaan Ketelaar; synopsis: Sebastian del Buey; synopsis reviser: Daphne Ortiz; publication: Pedro David España


Michael K. Deaver (1938–2007) was vicepresident of Edelman Worldwide from 1995…


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