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    Initial credits
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    Interview with Michael Strong by Luis Figueroa
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    What is so great about Socratic practice?
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    What is the effect of this method in the classroom?
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    Who teaches the class?
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    Do the students resent the lack of guidance from the teacher?
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    How do you know that Socratic practice works well in the classroom?
  • 05:07    |    
    What does this method demand from the tutor and the students?
  • 05:52    |    
    How does Socratic practice contribute to freedom and peace?
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Interview with Michael Strong by Luis Figueroa

New Media  | 26 de marzo de 2008  | Vistas: 1447

Michael Strong discusses Socratic practice in the classroom and how this method of learning gives students skills in critical thinking. Even though there is a leader who may function as a guide, students learn for and by themselves. Socratic practice also promotes freedom and peace at a higher level, allowing participants to express their own ideas and teaching them to listen to other people's beliefs.


Michael Strong is Chief Visionary Officer of Freedom Lights Our World…


Nuestra misión es la enseñanza y difusión de los principios éticos, jurídicos y económicos de una sociedad de personas libres y responsables.

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