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    Initial credits
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    How did you get involved in a project like PayPal?
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    Was it difficult to detach from the original ideas you had for PayPal?
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    Do you think PayPal will globalize soon?
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    What needs to change so that the media can challenge political orthodoxy?
  • 03:46    |    
    Can government intervention in the Internet be eliminated?
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    What technological tendencies are you passionate about?
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Interview with Peter Thiel, Cofounder of PayPal by Luis Eduardo Barrueto

New Media  | 07 de noviembre de 2009  | Vistas: 104

In this interview, Peter Thiel, cofounder and former CEO of PayPal, gives us an inside look at the original ideas behind this innovative venture project designed to facilitate payments online. He describes how PayPal evolved through the years, how it became as successful as it is, and what the future holds in terms of greater internationalization. Thiel also discusses his views on government intervention in the Internet and the role the media plays in challenging conventional political views.


American entrepreneur Peter Thiel is the cofounder and former CEO of…


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