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    The creation of the Mont Pelerin Society
    • The first meeting
    • Other memorable meetings
  • 03:59    |    
    The role of the Mont Pelerin Society
    • Influence of ideas: Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala
    • Exchange of ideas
    • Development of new ideas
  • 07:11    |    
    Is there more freedom in today's world?
  • 08:57    |    
    Should the Society focus on the advanced countries?
  • 10:26    |    
    What can the Society contribute to the Islamic world?
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Interview with Rose and Milton Friedman

New Media  | 15 de octubre de 2002  | Vistas: 11502

In this interview, Milton Friedman, who was awarded the 1976 Nobel Prize in Economics, describes the values, objectives, and beginnings of the Mont Pelerin Society. He explains what it was like to create a society dedicated to classical liberalism in a world where the prevailing economic views leaned towards central planning and collectivism. Since it was founded in 1947, this organization has grown and prospered; offering its members from around the world opportunities to exchange and discuss their ideas. Friedman also comments on the significant role Universidad Francisco Marroquín has played in promoting the ideals of free-market economics and the importance of protecting private property. This interview was conducted by Hoover Institution and presented at the Mont Pelerin Society meeting in London in 2002.